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Hello, We are Josh and Kayla LoBretto, the owners/operators of Gutter Worx, LLC. Gutter Worx isn’t just our name, it is in our blood! We were young sweethearts, got married and now have 5 beautiful children. We work together diligently every day not only for our family but to make sure our client’s homes are taken care of. Josh grew up as a 3rd generation metal fabricator/welder. From an early age he learned how to work with various metals, how to form and install metal in many different applications as well as gaining an incredible drive and work ethic that shines through in his work today. As a young adult Josh started learning the trade of home exterior working alongside many contractors. With his prior knowledge of metals and first-hand experience in the field his expertise is the industry is unique! Kayla’s father has owned and operated a gutter company since the early 90’s, so gutters are not new to her! As a child she helped her dad load his gutter van with material, helped stock the warehouse and watched him take calls in the office. Kayla’s lifelong involvement in the industry paired with her exceptional customer service skills and attention to detail round out our company. She is most likely the first voice you hear when you call the office! From start to finish we are here with you through the entire process.

Our Gutter Company proudly serves the following cities: 


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